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Concrete is a natural material with very characteristic properties. Every individual piece is distinguished by an individual surface structure and texture and is thus unique. The colour never stays the same. It changes with the way light falls on it and over the course of use. In addition, concrete contains small pores and micro-cracks. Precisely these properties lend it its aesthetic appeal and its unmistakable character. Pores and micro-cracks do not represent any limitation to its functionality. Eruptions of these pores are also normal and are not covered by the terms of the guarantee.

Please observe the following usage guidance:

  • Not heat-resistant
  • Do not use vinegar and oil
  • No strongly colored and / or acidic food (such as beetroot, red cabbage)
  • The material is breakable
  • When using soft metals such as pewter, lead or aluminium make sure that no parts of these metals are rubbed against the surface and that no traces are left behind
  • The protective pads on the base of the concrete holder prevent any scratches occurring to the surface upon which the concrete holder is placed.
  • We advise against the use of sharp, pointed and hard objects on the concrete surface. These could cause ugly scratches and / or eruptions.
  • Not suitable for dishwashers
  • To clean the surface of the concrete use a cloth or sponge dipped into warm water or a sponge âÂ?Â? if need be, with the addition of a customary washing up liquid. The washing up liquid should not be chemically aggressive at all as it could attack the material. Do not use steel wool or chemical cleaning agents at all. The concrete is NOT DISHWASHER SUITABLE.

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