Epicurean Classic Grind

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To fill:

  1. Hold grinder with one hand below the window and one above window. Twist bottom part to the right and pull up top section.
  2. Add salt, pepper or spices.

To adjust grind: Turn bottom knob clockwise for FINE and counter-clockwise for COARSE.
To grind: Turn handle clockwise.

Tips and Uses:

  1. Avoid dampness, do not grind over boiling pot.
  2. Do not use cloves or anise as oils will destroy plastic.
  3. BPA free materials.

To clean:

  1. Some spices are oilier than others and can clot the mill. Grind coarse salt to clean residue and spice aftertaste.
  • Capacity: ½ cup
  • Dimensions (H): 7"
  • Diameter: 4.25"
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